Worried about any incompatibilities between VMware ESX Server and Microsoft Software ? Put your mind at rest ! Since yesterday, Windows Server and most of Microsoft’s major server products are officially supported on VMware’s hypervisor. 

ESX’s users have been aware of this fact for a long time, but it seems it took much longer for Microsoft than the average user to get to the obvious. Call me a cynic but Until this summer, Microsoft did not have an Hypervisor on offer and therefore had absolutely no interest in encouraging the adoption of ESX Server by recognizing its safety and compatibility. 

Since the announcement of Hyper-V, things have changed: Officialy supporting Hyper-V and not doing the same for compteing hypervisors migth have exposed Microsoft to new antitrust miseries (ever heard about the European Commission ?). 

Let’s drop the cynicism : For customers, official support is good news. It ends an era when users had to play ping-pong between multiple providers. Under the umbrella of “Microsoft Server Virtualization Validation Program “, everyone will be treated the same way. Microsoft will guaranty thats its applications and OS run well on third-party hypervisors and will provide the same support it delivers today for its apps running on physical servers.

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