I recently wrote in a post that VMware still has a very limited set of configurations officially validated under Microsoft’s Server Virtualization Validation Program (SVVP). VMware has clarified its position (see comments in my previous post and VMware’s Kenon Owens’ Blog), but Microsoft doesn’t seem to care. I had a talk yesterday in Paris with Zane Adam, Microsoft’s Vice-President in charge of virtualization about SVVP.

He confirmed that Redmond will only support platforms that have been validated under the SVVP. For customers, this means that, as of today, MS only supports its Server products on ESX 3.5 Update 2 running on Opteron Servers and with up to 4 GB of memory per VM. Previous (and future) releases of ESX and Intel platforms are not supported under the SVVP. According to Adam, VMware (and other third-party Hypervisors) will have to validate their software on as many platforms as required for customers to get full support of Microsoft Apps on their servers. 

This is precisely what VMware is set to accomplish. According to Kenon Owens’ blog,” Our plan is to ensure that all SVVP certifications are complete within 60 days of product GA.  We hope to significantly out-perform on this commitment if possible”. VMware will both certify ESX and ESXi (which is not validated yet).

Microsoft’s stance on validation might seem unfair, but it is not different from what happens in the physical world with Server validation on Windows Server…

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